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South East Asia

I spent two months volunteering in Saigon and then a month volunteering in Siem Reap. After which, I backpacked through South East Asia for four months.

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South America

I spent over a year in South America. I volunteered in Brazil for ten weeks and then for six weeks in Paraguay. I then lived and worked in Paraguay for ten months.

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I spent five months in Africa. I traveled with my sister and brother in law for three weeks and then volunteered in South Africa for ten weeks. After which I traveled up through the North East of Africa.


Currently, I’m in Australia looking for work.

I'm a British Indian woman, who has been backpacking solo around the world for the last 2 years
I left everything and everyone I knew to pursue my dream of volunteering aboard and have continued ever since.

Since leaving London in October 2013, I have volunteered, traveled and worked in 4 different continents.

  • I've often been told by friends and fellow travelers that I am a free spirit

  • The more I travel, the more independent I've become

  • I do things last minute, I change and book trips at the spur of the moment and I love taking risks

  • I love heights, trying something new and different

Fabulous friends

Friends from back home and those I met along the road

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