November 19, 2015


I’m a believer, bit of a dreamer and hopelessly hopeful.  I like many others have big dreams. Dreams to change the world, long term goals and crazy, adventurous ideas. Some people dream about becoming a pop star others about making some ground breaking research. Some want to get a promotion, buy a beautiful house and new car.  For me, I don’t dream about a amazing house or car.  I don’t particularly want to be famous, I’m not the next pop star or footballer. I dream about achieving greatness, changing the world little by little for the better.  I want to support, empower and inspire people. I want to be remembered as someone who was dedicated and determined to help others. My calling or purpose in life is to serve others.  It took me a while to work this out, it  didn’t happen over night or at the age of fifteen.  Rather it was a gradual realisation I came to thanks to both circumstances and friends.

It took me a while to fulfil my dream of doing aid work aboard.  Growing up it seemed next to impossible as there were so many barriers in the way.  However, I was determined to volunteer in an orphanage and thankfully made it happen in October 2013. It wasn’t easy and my parents were not best pleased. I had supportive friends and work colleagues who helped me achieve my dream.  Ultimately I had a choice, do I live my life for me or for others. I understand sometimes it’s hard to achieve our dreams but sometimes it’s also about choices. I chose to take a stand and pursued my dream, it wasn’t easy. But then, in my opinion, most dreams are hard or take great time and effort to accomplish.  I’m sure there are many people out there hoping to achieve their dreams.  I would encourage these people to take the plunge, to pursue their goals and chase their dreams.  Moreover, if it’s meant to be then no matter what the hurdle, it will happen. The universe works with us to help us achieve our dreams.  I believe the universe helped me, it all came together when the time was right. 

There is certainly a element of guilt for me.  Living my life for me on my terms isn’t easy. Whilst the majority of my friends understand and support my stance, my parents not so much. I don’t go out of my way to disappoint them or hurt them, rather it’s a bio product of me living my life. No one should be made to feel guilty for living their life or chasing their dreams. No culture or religion should be used as a means to control or tame dreams. I don’t think god minds us chasing our dream’s. I don’t think god wants religion or culture used to prevent us trying to fulfil our calling.

Part of my motivation to take the plunge was the realisation that I didn’t want to hit fifty and regret not having tried. I didn’t want to regret not chasing or trying to make things happen. Sure, no one knows what the outcome will be but I would rather try and make something happen then sit and wonder. Failure is a part of life, sometimes things don’t work out as we planned, the unexpected twist catches us by surprise. But I would much rather that then not try or even attempt to achieve my goal. There will be many people telling you it’s crazy, it’s never gonna happen and will dis-encourage you every step of the way. And to continue and keep focused is not easy but these are the moments in life that either make us or break us. Coming out on top despite all odds is a great story. 

When I left London in October 2013, I left telling my parents I would be back in three months, it’s been over two years and I’m still not home.  I genuinely didn’t think that I would last more than three months or that I would want to continue travelling and exploring cities. I wasn’t prepared physically or psychologically but with the road calling me and the universe guiding me, things started to take shape. I believe in following for signs, in guardian angels being sent just for you and karma.  Without prior preparation or knowledge, I continued on the road, educating myself as I went along.  I’m still looking out for signs, for that moment where I will have some clarity and more peace.  These moments are great but then so is everything in between, the antagonising wait, the cloudy unknown and the unnecessary frustrations.  Travelling like a nomad, with a backpack is really more about the journey, the adventures you endure along the way then the final destination. I don’t always know where I’m headed or how I will get there but I know I will be on my way and I will get to wherever I’m supposed to get to.  Everything will fall into place, I will understand how I had to travel through a city to get to another city and volunteer there. All the drama or unpleasant moments are part of the package. Travelling is one big emotional roller-coaster which simply needs to be embraced.  All the amazing people and great moments you gain, are yours forever as are the friendships.  Those of whom are meant to stay longer in your life and teach you something or share something, will. And sometimes, it is you who needs to be there for the other. Everything is right where it should be and everything is happening right as it should. If we can live by this, accept it when we least want to and embrace it, our lives would change.

So I encourage all you dreamers to plough ahead, to keep going and invest everything you have in your dreams. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid of failure.  Failure is part of the journey, it is the stop we sometimes have to make before we can continue. Don’t be disheartened by hurdles or negative, non-supportive people.  Don’t entertain or invest in people who limit and label you. Instead, surround yourself with people who support you up, encourage you and stand by you.  Don’t settle for realists’ or pessimists’ instead seek the optimist, the believer and the dreamer.