December 4, 2015

Fish River Canyon

Ai Ais Resort

This is a very large resort which attracts many tourists and campers. It is beautifuly located by the hot springs which is the main attraction of this resort. There is a massive indoor pool and a great outdoor pool for those who do not wish to swim in the hot springs.

The rooms themselves are very clean but not well kept. Many parts of this resort are run down and are in desperate need of work. Paint work is needed in parts whilst other parts need a good scrub. So a little disappointed as clearly from the website this was once a stunning resort.

There is a restaurant, bar and store for guests. The breakfast was great, plenty of choice from different bread, eggs, beans and omelette. No wif but then you don’t really come here for the wifi.

It is a beautiful resort in serious need of work. Given how much they charge per room, it is a shame that the conditions are poor.