November 23, 2015


I arrived in Buenos Aires on the 1st of May 2014 and spent a month backpacking around the country. I crossed over into Chile spent some time in the south before flying to Santiago. It was whilst I was in Santiago that I realised I wanted to volunteer in South America. Initially, I researched projects in Chile, I asked friends if they knew of any opportunities and then emailed projects that I thought may accept me. I had very little luck however. I then thought about Brazil and how I would love to be there for the start of the World Cup. I was aware that it would be busy and more expensive but I also knew that it would be an experience.

So, I started to research organisations in Rio de Janerio and in Sau Paulo. Again, hoping to find a project that I would be able to support. Given that the World Cup was due to start in a week and that I had left it so late, I was beginning to doubt whether or not I would be successful. After little to no response, I flicked through my lonely planet guide and emailed Iko Poran, a organisation that has many projects set up in Rio. In the end, I booked my flight for Rio, knowing how much I wanted to be there for the games and hoped for the best. The way, I saw it, if it was meant to be then it would work out. In the meantime, all I could do was get to Rio and start exploring.