November 24, 2015


When I crossed over the border from Brazil into Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay, my plan was to spend over a week here and then move on. I met a very cool Canadian girl, Victoria in Asunion, we explored the capital together and then both headed to Encarnacion. My plan was to spend a couple of days here and then to cross over into Argentina and her plan was roughly the same. She expressed wanting to volunteer in Paraguay so after a little research we considered volunteering for Techo – a NGO which helps build houses in deprived cities in many countries in South America. The only trouble with this was the dates, we would have had to wait a while before we could have volunteered.

I was introduced to Sofi, one of the locals, volunteering for Encarnación Sustentable. This organisation is focused on saving the environment, recycling and raising awareness amongst the community. Both Victoria and I went to this meeting however we struggled because of course it was all in Spanish and we both, at that point, spoke next to none Spanish. Sofi spoke about two children’s home we could volunteer at. I was happy to consider this but Victoria decided to part ways. After paying both homes a visit, I decided to volunteer at Divino Nino Jesus Casa.