November 24, 2015


I spent a glorious three weeks in South Africa with my sister, Seema and brother-in-law, Josh. They had a flight booked for back home and I had a return to Sao Paulo however, I wanted to stay in South Africa a bit longer. I wanted to volunteer in Cape Town. So, I started to research possible projects and availability. The main problem however, was most projects were very expensive. I considered working with animals on a reserve or national park but the costs for these projects were extortionate. Having volunteered in four countries before, I had a idea of how much I was willing to spend.

I then contacted a good friend who I met in Paraguay, Miriam, as she had spoken about volunteering in Cape Town. She volunteered for a project four years ago and whilst she thought that the same project may not be running, she felt it would still be possible to volunteer at the same house. She recommended contacting Candi, the lady she had stay with and volunteered for. I spoke to Candi promptly about the possibility of me volunteering at her project and explained my background. She no longer had her organic farm but has set up Project Ubuntu in the nearby township, Masiphumelele. Thankfully, I was able to start even though it was so last minute.

Whilst it broke my heart saying farewell to Seema, I knew I was about to embark upon another amazing experience. I was so happy and grateful to have spent three weeks with both she and her husband and was aware that it wasn’t going to last forever. She and him were eventually going to go home and back to work and their life. I, on the other hand, didn’t have to fly back to South America and so instead chose to remain. I was so happy and grateful to have had such an amazing experience that I wanted to serve in another part of the world. I left one family and joined another and knew that this would be the start of something beautiful.