November 25, 2015


When I arrived in Encarnacion, I wasn’t particularly looking for a job. I wasn’t looking to volunteer either, but that happened after a week or so that I arrived and I’m happy that it did. Given that my initial plan was only to stay a few days, I had no reason to stay and work. It was thanks to my friends, Sofi and others that I stayed and volunteered. And it was thanks to them that I considered working in Encarnacion after a month of volunteering at the children’s home. I wasn’t entirely sure about what kind of job I could apply for or get. Sofi and others suggested teaching English.

There are three English institutions in Encarnacion; House of English, CPA and Eurosur. I had worked past two of these institutions numerous times but never thought to actually work there. So, sure enough, I approached and gave all three institutions my resume. House of English said thanks but no thanks, they were looking for teachers who were willing to commit for a year. CPA never got back to me so that only left Eurosur. Thankfully, Liza at Eurosur emailed me and explained she would be more than happy to let me teach two or three of her classes as she was pregnant and could do with the help.

Her mother runs Eurosur and they have several different classes for students who are beginners, intermediate and advanced. Liza was happy with my resume, we had a brief chat and I was offered the job! I couldn’t believe it. That would never happen back at home. I was happy to give a interview and provide references but I was told that this wasn’t necessary. This was the beginning of my teaching experience in Encarnacion.