November 23, 2015


Initially, I had only planned on volunteering in Vietnam, travelling around the country and then returning home. I hadn’t considered travelling through Indochina or volunteering elsewhere. Upon completing my volunteering in Vietnam, I crossed over the border into Cambodia with three others; Julian, Magali and Dang. We explored Cambodia together for over a week and then split. Dang went back home, Julian left for South America and Magali was due to start her volunteering programme in Siem Reap. She explained what it entailed and I decided to research a little further. Magali was signed up to volunteer for a two week camp and given that it wasn’t as expensive as volunteering in Vietnam, I decided to sign up.

I emailed the director, Rady at Cambodia English School of Higher Education (CESHE). It was possible to volunteer and would cost $60 a week which included, accommodation, food and volunteering. On the day, Magali and I left, we realised that Magali would not be volunteering at this school. Her two week camp was held elsewhere. The organisation had run a two week camp at CESHE but were running their next one at a different school. So, whilst the aim was to volunteer together for two weeks, in the end we had to split. Magali was down south whilst my project was 4 km north of Siem Reap.