December 4, 2015

Day 777 – Interview time

Upon arriving in Brisbane, at the end of October, I was job hunting religiously. I signed up to agencies and job alerts and was checking for new jobs on a daily basis. I was searching for backpacker jobs so I looked at hospitality jobs for the main part. There were loads and so I hopeful and given that Christmas was fast approaching, I was hopeful. Yet, despite emailing my CV to several different agencies, I got nothing.  I was pretty convinced at the time that I would be able to get some kind of work working in a restaurant or bar.

Upon moving in with Greg, I decided to widen the search. I decided to search for jobs in my fields or more jobs I had experience in. So I looked into teaching English as either a teacher or a tutor. The only difficulty here was the fact that I had no teaching qualification so it would be next to impossible to get a teaching position. So back to the drawing board. I decided to research social work or more social care positions, I mean, I did after all have a masters in social work. There again were plenty of jobs, some with different titles but essentially the job role was the same. The initial problem with some of the social care positions was they required you to drive and some even required you to have your own transport.

With in the first week or so however, I got a call from a agency, they had work in Sydney. I was over the moon. This was my chance to work in my field and make some decent money. I would need to fill in all the paper work, apply for a blue card which is essentially a police check here for employees working with children. I would also need to pay some fee and drive down to see them.  The job they had available was for three months which may or may not be extended. There seemed to be a lot of paper work involved with little prospect of a long term job which is what I was after.  So, while it all sounded so great to begin with, I realised later that perhaps it wasn’t so great. So back to square one.

There after I applied for all kinds of roles, within my professional background, supporting women affected by domestic violence. Sure enough there were many roles which was a good sign but I was aware that legislation and more importantly support available to women here would differ greatly from that of London. So, I didn’t just need to prove I could do this kind of work here, I needed to equip myself with knowledge and local services. I didn’t let this stop me. I was only to happy to research this information and fill in application forms. Many of the application forms I filled in and sent of was mid November or there about and I knew I would need to wait before I would hear anything back.

With December fast approaching, I had almost given up hope. I knew that if I didn’t get a job by the end of the month my travelling days were over. I was running out of money and the only way I would be able to continue on the road was if I found a job here. Things happen for a reason and right at that moment when I was about to give up, I got not one but two calls. I got a call for a domestic violence worker position in Sydney and a homelessness worker in Queensland. It was a good day! I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling! I must have thanked god continuously that day. It wad a sign or at least that’s how I saw it. It was a sign telling me that I was meant to stay and work here and hell continue my journey, it wasn’t time to throw the towel in.

So my interview with Queensland was Monday afternoon and the one for Sydney was on Tuesday. Both were through skype, I’ve never done a skype interview before so I was pretty anxious. I also didn’t know what to expect, I hadn’t done a interview for such a role for over two years. Had I been home in london, I have a whole list of potential questions and statements I could use to prepare myself but at here I had nothing. So I would need to spend the weekend preparing as best I could. I tried to stay positive but of course I was only too aware that locals would also be applying for such positions so would they even consider giving me the role. I mean after all I was only a backpacker, out here on a work visa.

It wasn’t easy applying and waiting to hear back from organisations but then I guess it never is. Had I been back home, I would have had to do the same. The first job I got didn’t take too long but then that’s because I was interviewed the same I handed in my dissertation. So call it lucky or right timing, either way, it worked out great and I didn’t have to wait around too long. Of course, I appreciate that one can only be so lucky and so I was hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. But it all worked out so beautifully. I came with the solo purpose of wanting to work out here in Australia and that’s exactly where this was headed.  It was as though the universe had conspired to make these interviews happen. My friends were supportive and told me to be patient and hang in and they were right. I’m not a worrier but I was beginning to think that perhaps my luck had run out. But no, I had still had some good karma points, I was meant to stay and work here. So, moral of the story, never give up, no matter how impossible or crazy our goals may appear, if there meant to be, they will, no matter what. There are exceptions to every rule and hey miracles do happen.