November 9, 2015

Day 752 – Brisbane

I left Kingscliff, a suburb of Brisbane and headed more towards the city centre. I went from living with one friend to another. It was sad moving out of Denise’s place but then I knew I would see her again. I went to stay with Greg, another Australian friend, who I met in Rio while volunteering. Whilst there was many of us in the house during the world cup, there was few of us that stayed on after the games, Greg was one of them. We had some interesting conversations and again I knew we had a connection on some level. I met some amazing people at the house but I didn’t know when I would be able to see them again.  I was in Nairobi when Greg encouraged me to come to Australia and at the time I laughed, I didn’t think I was headed down under, rather I had other plans. At that point I didn’t realise that both Denise and Greg were living in Brisbane.

Whilst I was searching for jobs in Brisbane, I spent a lot of time working on my website. I never thought about launching my on website as I had a blog site.  But then given I’ve been travelling for over two years, I decided a website would encapsulate more from my travels and I could incorporate my blogs with photos and hostel recommendations, amongst other things. Now, it’s all well and good wanting a website, but setting it up in practice is something else. Having zero experience or knowledge in setting up a website, I had to do some research. Now it’s not rocket science but it’s hard trying to set up pages as you like and ensuring they are in the right order.  At times it was frustrating and time consuming but I got there. I managed to launch my website, happy days.

The aim of my website is to share my experiences to show other female backpackers, Indians in particular, that they too can travel. I did some research and there are very few female, solo, Indian backpackers blogging or backpacking even and this motivated me to work on my website. I know it’s not the done thing in our culture, it isn’t encouraged or talked about rather, it is frowned upon and questioned. I know it will take some time before this changes and attitudes evolve but in the meantime my website may inspire and pave the way for other young women wanting to backpack around the world. It was hard for me to leave two years ago but thankfully not impossible. It shouldn’t be hard and travelling solo shouldn’t be frowned upon. Many people travel, from all walks of life, gender, ages and backgrounds and its embedded in their culture. I would like it to became embedded in my culture, amongst Indian regardless of age or gender, I want them to explore and seek all things wonderful. I want more Indians stuck by wanderlust by the time I hit ninety.  So my website, along with other things, will hopefully help facilitate this.  If I plant the seeds, it won’t take long to water then and watch them grow and flourish I hope.

Living in Brisbane was very different to Kingscliff. Firstly because it is much bigger city. Parts of it reminded me of London especially the red double decker buses and the wheel. There are numerous bridges and plenty of cars to help build the traffic. Here they don’t call then Borris bikes but they have the same idea. They don’t have the river Thames but they have  the city ferry which you can catch and cruise down the river on. There are plenty of busy streets, buzzing with shoppers and workers. There is a great ethical mix like London too. I am no longer the only brown woman. With the ethnic mix comes all the different kinds of food; Greek, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese and Indian to name but a few.

There are however, considerably fewer people in the city compared to London. The pavements aren’t packed at any given time of the day and not many people walk because of the heat.  The weather for the most part is considerably better, however during their summers, it is simply too hot. The air is hot, dry and humid which doesn’t leave you wanting to do much at all. It also rains and boy when it rains does it rain! It rains cats and dogs and then you have the lightning show.  Sure it rains back home but nothing compared to here. The thunder, dark, mean skies and lightening very often result in weather warnings so you are stuck in doors. There is free wifi in the large public areas which is great. I don’t know if we also have this back at home now but I don’t remember this when I was there.

One of the things I love about Brisbane is that there is something for everyone. Whilst other cities don’t deem Brisbane to be a great city and term it ‘Bris-vegas’. I love the great diverse mix; you have a good city life, you have the Gold coast which is not too far, you can head to the mountains and you have the nature parks so really something for everyone. I haven’t explored heaps but happy to have taken advantage of free exhibitions and museum entries. I’m in no great hurry to see the city because Brisbane isn’t going anywhere. I am in a hurry to find a job however, as with no job, I will have to head home which I don’t ideally want to do. I’ve searched and applied for several jobs but had no response. I know I need to be patient but I know my money will ran out over the next month of so. So, if I don’t have anything by January I will be heading home, back to London, where it all started. And the way I see it, if that’s what’s meant to be then so be. It’s been a good run so no complaints and no regrets. I’m happy to have come this far, I’m grateful for everyone I met and everything I experienced, the good, the bad and the painful. Couldn’t have asked for me truly, has been a epic run.