May 1, 2016

Day 926 – Groovin

I’ve been living and working in Townsville now for five months and I have a good friend circle with the women I work with and with some of their friends. One such friend has a two year old daughter, who is having a party to celebrate her third birthday.  Now whilst I love kids, I don’t know the last time I went to a three year olds birthday party.  I picked out some great gifts, I love buying birthday gifts so that was no problem. I have a tendency to buy too much but I don’t think you can ever have too many birthday presents.  In the same way, I don’t think you can ever be too happy.  I reckon I get really happy and excited preparing for friends birthday and I get a lot of joy seeing their face light up.

So my friend had her daughter’s birthday along the strand, so by the beach and there is a park near by. Most of the women invited had children and of course they bought them along so it was fun and games. Most of kids just wanted to play and those that could get away did. The level of determination and energy is remarkable really. I love how care free children are and just how lost they get into their own world. I wanna be like that sometimes, I just want to hide out in my own shell like a turtle. We decorated the table beautifully and there was party food and drink. I loved the cake the most as my friend had made minion cakes, who doesn’t like the minions? I love them so I was pretty impressed. I tried to think back to my third birthday and of course I could remember nothing. I have no idea what we did or what food we ate. Which is why photos are so crucial.

My friend helped her daughter open the gifts and it was rather adorable. She got some great gifts, selection of toys, books and clothes. It was hard to determine whether or not her daughter felt the same way. She was happy, happier with some gifts than others but how does one really know? I didn’t see a ipad or computer games, thank god.  I really don’t agree with or like seeing young children with all these gadgets and technology which quite frankly they don’t need. Gone our the days where children will be seen outside or exploring, it’s more likely you catch them indoors plastered in front of a ipad, glued to the screen. I know I’m stereotyping but in my opinion, for the most part, children in the west are deprived of the childhood my generation had and unfortunately most will never know. I’m all for technology but children should be encouraged and treated as children.

I had great fun at the party. It was lovely to see so much love and happiness. I’ve always loved children and I was fortunate enough to work with children when I was 19, it was my second summer job. I worked in a nursery for under two months with no prior childcare experience.  That was the beginning, I went on to work as a play worker with disabled children, I became a volunteer peer mentor when I started university and I volunteered at the youth centre. Over these last two years I volunteered and supported children in Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Paraguay and South Africa. I know that I will continue to support children, regardless of where I go or what I do because I love children. I hope to have children of my own one day but until then I’m happy to love and play with children from different communities around the world.

Another thing I love is music and in particular live music. I think music artists have a real talent, a real gift, whether they are singers or musicians. I have a great admiration for them and their ability to move people with their lyrics and music. I don’t agree with the extortion about of money some of them make but I can’t really do anything to change this. I love getting lost in the moment, surrendering my soul and opening my heart to the rhythm, the lyrics and magic. I have different songs for my different days and moods. I have my happy, lets just dance the night away songs, my heart breaking, sad songs which make me ball my eyes out, my inspirational music, my soul moving songs and heart ache songs. Music is very powerful and marks so many moments in our lives, the good, the not so good and all the in-between. I haven’t been to many concerts despite my love for music so now when there is a opportunity to enjoy live music, I’m in. Consequently when I heard about Groove in the moo, I was excited.

I went to this music festival with a friend from work and then some of her friends. It was hot and like many other countries with a hot climate, there is only one thing to do, drink. Time is not relevant, it is better to start early and pace yourself. The drinking culture is really something else in Australia, yes the English drink, Brazilians and Germans but here it is on some next level. It is normal to drink all day on Christmas day for example, if your not drinking then your considered strange. I mean why wouldn’t you drink? Music festivals are another excuse to drink and to drink all day. There is this idea certainly with some of the people that alcohol is needed and should be consumed to have a good time.  Of course, like many festivals, we were not allowed to bring our own alcohol so we drank as much as we could beforehand, not getting drunk and headed to the festival.

Of course the festival was packed and buzzing with energy. There were several stages, food stalls and of course alcohol. I didn’t know many people off the line up because most if not all of them were Australian. That said the music was good and some of the artists I had heard on the radio. Today was a good day to kick back and relax, to absorb the positive energy and to really live in the moment. I feel that music also gives us the opportunity to celebrate life, to commit to the present moment and to embrace it all.  Music also makes me think about all the things I’m grateful for, all my friends, my experiences, my travels, my list is endless. It brings me peace, it helps me feel more settled and content. We can sometimes be surrounded by crazy or just feel crazy but the right kind of music can remedy this even if just for the moment.  It’s sometimes as though the lyrics are talking to you in particular and that song is being played as a sign for no one but you. So we need to be aware and really listen to this and we may find ourself surrounded with messages, more so then we realise.