April 30, 2014

Day 203 – One hell of a long, bumpy road in South East Asia

Before I set off on my trip, I had various thoughts and feelings but the one thing that I was sure would happen was, I would have this great epiphany. I was convinced that within a few months, I would have this great moment, where I would see clarity and my life would make sense. To my great disappointment however, this did not happen. Six months down the line, I’ve come to realise that it was perhaps to idealistic and such moments do not readily occur.


That said, I do have many reflections for my time spent here, not great life changing realisations but thoughts that came to me along my travels.


1/ Stop being afraid/worried about pissing someone off, I can’t help how others feel and I certainly can’t please everyone so why worry?


2/ Stop caring about what others think of me, why should the opinion of someone I just met matter? Or someone who is narrow minded?


3/ Stop trying so hard to fit in, be accepted, be normal and please others, it’s not meant to be, so I’m a little different, embrace it


4/ Stop listening to the stupid voice in my head, the negative thoughts, feelings, it’s exhausting and does nothing to help matters


5/ Speak up more, say how I feel, what I think, tell someone when it isn’t ok, be vocal about it


6/ Shut up and listen, to my own head/heart/gut also to others, to busy rambling on sometimes


7/ Give more, give generously, wholeheartedly, we don’t need so much stuff, the latest iphone, ipad, laptop


8/ Ask others for advise but when it comes down to it, make up my own mind, make my own decisions


9/ Go with my gut feeling more, despite what others think


10/ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I am stronger than I think, come further than I thought


11/ Try, try and try some more, keep at it even if it appears impossible, no one said it would be easy but it sure as hell is worth it


12/ Take more chances – if in doubt, take a shot, have a stab at it, don’t let the moment go, sometimes we only get one shot


13/ People generally care, they give a shit, some just want to help


14/ Trust more – I’ve met people for short periods of time and learnt to trust them more even though I don’t know them that well


15/ Some people are jealous and resentful, it’s in their nature, they are selfish and they may never change


16/ We are too hard on ourselves, we have high expectations and we fail to acknowledge our accomplishments


17/ I roll with things – yes I plan, yes I think but I roll with it, hope for the best


18/ Yes I”m indecisive about some things but for important things, things that matter, I make decisions


19/ I’m a good person – all said and done, I’m not mean or selfish for doing what I want, for living my life


20/ Yes Im impulsive, I can’t help it


21/ I found one of the greatest joys for me was making a child smile, watching them laugh, watching them play


22/ I need to figure out the one thing I love the most and go after that, spend my life focused on that