June 2, 2014

Day 237 – From the end of the world and back

So I´ve nearly spent a month in Argentina, much longer than planned and I still haven´t managed to see everything.  I arrived here with a plan and a list of must do´s but that list continued to increase the more I travelled.  I´m not complaining, far from it, I´m just trying to see as much as possible. So I modified my plan and went over my budget but I´m happy. I would much rather spend a little longer, spend a little more money and try and absorb all that a country has to offer than move to place to place.  Of course not all travellers have this option but if you do, why not?

I did get a little flustered, overwhelmed even in trying to plan my trip.  The further south I headed, the harder it was for me to decide where to go and when. I appreciate, in the grand scale of things, this isn´t a problem, hell it´s nothing to stress over but there I was, in a fix about what to do. I find talking to people helps, they offer advice but the more people I ask, the more confused I get. I´m still indecisive and can´t always seem to make head or tail of a situation. Once I calm down, stop trying to cram everything in a day and just breathe, I feel better.
End of the world - Ushuaia

End of the world – Ushuaia

I believe I´ve been lucky. Lucky with how my trip is turning out and the people that I´ve met.  I´ve gone from one town to the next, perhaps not in the most straightforward route, but I´ve managed to meet some great people.  For me, this whole trip, my journey, is all about the people I meet, the endless discussions on the meaning of life, society, hardship and death. Whilst, I may not remember every name, whilst I may never see some of these people again, I will always remember what they said.  As they say it´s not about the destination but the journey.
I also believe we meet people for a reason, either you need them to change your life or you´re the one that will change theirs. I´ve had some great conversations, sharing my fears, my outlook on life, my dreams with others. There is always more that meets the eye and first impressions can very often be wrong. I´ve learnt to stop making assumptions because they are based on next to nothing and more often than not, wrong.
Whilst I´m hopeful, optimistic and as positive as I can be, others don´t always share the same view.  I´ve met many travellers who are pessimistic, who are not over what happened and see the glass half empty. This is difficult because whilst I empathise, negativity can be draining and ultimately I don´t want to be dragged down. I offer as much advice and support as I can but I´m only human.
Truthfully, we are all a little lost, most of the travellers I´ve met, regardless of how long they have been travelling for, we are all searching for something. Most of us like to think we are running towards something, chasing a impossible dream but ultimately we are running away from all that we had. Not because we don´t want or need it but because we want something more, something different.  I´ve met travellers that have been on the road longer than me and that don´t miss home.  They have no desire to go home and have ultimately made the road their home.  Is that bad?
I believe life is too long, we each have the time to try and do all that we wish for. We may not always have the means and we have to make choices but it´s on us to start somewhere. Yes, life is unfair and we don´t have a even playing field but that shouldn´t stop you, in fact that should motivate you to work harder, try harder, keep trying until you make it. We all only get one life and none of us know when our time will end so we can either chose to spend our live thinking about everything we won´t do or we can go out and experience as much as possible. I´m for the later, I would rather live each day like it´s my last.
I don´t believe in coincidence, I believe all things happen for a reason and I believe in destiny. Somethings will never work out because they were never meant to be. Sometimes we are chasing an impossible dream and we may not be successful but we owe it to ourselves to try. Our paths cross each day, with new people and we determine who we let walk away and who we hold onto, who we let affect us and who we offer the world to. Then we have feelings which complicates everything. When travelling, it´s best not to get attached because it only makes it harder to say goodbye. Whilst moving from place to place is exciting and beautiful, it´s exhausting and sad, especially when you found a place like home.
Here´s the thing, the unknown keeps you going, the beautiful landscape continuously amazes you, the scenic views that you marvel over, the breathtaking moments you share with others, the evergreen national parks you trek through and the endless photos you take to capture the moment.  I´ve done many things I never thought I would, like trekking in the snow, yes I questioned why one would choose to do this but of course it´s obvious, the sheer satisfaction of reaching the top and then looking down, it´s priceless. I´ve been fortunate enough to see some specular views and share these moments with others but truthfully I would love to share these moments with those back home. I wish, more than anything sometimes that I could recreate the amazingness, the beauty, the energy but a photo can capture only so much.
Treking in Bariloche

Treking in Bariloche