December 1, 2015

Foz do Iguacu

Concept Design Hostel and Suite

I flew into the local airport and got a taxi to this hostel. It is in a residential area and easy to find. It is has a bus going to the falls for both the Argentina side and the Brazil side. It is also just off a main street and a short walk to the supermarket.

The hostel itself is brand new, something out of a IKEA catalogue! It has a beautiful kitchen and common room. There´s a bar and pool outside which are great. I stayed in a 6 bed dorm which isn´t that big but again beautiful. The beds are super comfy, individual lights and power sockets – really great. Thankfully the dorm only had one other girl staying in it when I was there, had there been 6 of us it would have been a squeeze.

The breakfast is good – cereal, bread, fruit, juice, tea and coffee. The wi-fi works everywhere pretty much and not just downstairs. The guy who works there, Kitto is super friendly and helpful as are the other staff members.

Yes in terms of price it isn’t the cheapest 65 reals but it is well worth. This isn’t a party hostel but you can meet plenty of other cool travellers. Also, this hostel doesn’t have a bohemian or artist atmosphere but for me it was great for 3 nights. Very safe too.

I enjoyed my stay, defo recommend it and would defo come here again!