December 3, 2015


Six degrees

I arrived at the airport and took a taxi to this hostel- the train is cheaper but given I arrived late in the evening I opted for a taxi. It is a half hour drive and a little tricky to find but the directions provided on the website certainly help. The location is good, walking distance to the train station and other sites.

I arrived and was met by friendly staff.  The hostel has a very chilled out vibe and a social environment which I love! There’s a pool table, television, laptops and comfy chairs! The communal area is fairly big and a great way to meet other backpackers.

I stayed in a 6 bed dorm- the room itself is not very wide so with 4 of us standing around talking it was crowded. That said the room was clean, there is storage underneath the beds and lockers are provided. They have a ‘pod’ style bed which is great, the curtains give you privacy plus each one has a light and socket. You feel like you are in your own room in your own bed rather than in a dorm with six other people.

There is a great roof top and kitchen. The wifi connection is great works in the lobby and the dorm room! Breakfast is two slices of toast, fruit and juice which for me is fine and you can also order from the menu. The bathroom is down the corridor, clean and big enough. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here- good value for money, plus met some other backpackers! I would definitely recommend this hostel, no complaints, loved it and would stay again for sure.