December 3, 2015


Mas cottages

I stayed here for 2 nights, it’s about 10-15 minutes from Tuk Tuk- here you have most of the hostels and restaurants. These cottages are located nearer Ambarita. The cottages are lovely, spacious, clean and traditional batik houses. The rooms over look the lake which is great and it is fairly quiet and chilled out.

The bathroom has a western style toilet and hot shower! Breakfast is not included but you can order a range of dishes all at a reasonable price and they also have lunch/dinner. There are also local restaurants and shops within walking distance.

The wifi connection is also great, doesn’t work in your room, only in the lobby but that was no problem for me.

Overall this is a really chilled out place, with friendly staff and good value for money. For 150,000 it was more then worth it and I would definitely stay here again. If your not bothered about having to stay in Tuk Tuk then this place is really great- you can rent a motorbike and go to Tuk Tuk or walk. I would recommend this place for sure!