November 27, 2015

Into the Wild

Before Vietnam, I had not heard of the book or seen the movie Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Several of the volunteers had read this book and some found it rather depressing. I read this book and it amazed me for several reasons. I loved reading about Christopher’s journey to explore and gain something more than a nine to five life. He was determined to travel and ventured into the unknown. Now, the book reveals the end sooner than the movie. Spoiler alert for those of whom reading this post, if you haven’t seen or read the book, don’t read any further. For those of you who have, I felt the book was rather moving. As a reader, we learn about Christopher’s death early on and the book focuses on how and why he was unsuccessful. The media, didn’t portray him in a favourable light. But, his courage and story really appealed to me. Here, was a young American man, who took off, like many others, into the wild, the unknown, to find something better, to find a better alternative. This book inspired me to go against the odds and to continue my journey. Sure, no one wants to die in the process but I realised, I would much rather die seeking something better than spending thirty five years behind a desk.