November 23, 2015



Whilst initially I hadn’t thought about volunteering in Cambodia, I’m very glad I did. I met some amazing volunteers and made some very good friends. There were many American and British volunteers but also Dutch and German. Some of whom were backpacking through South East Asia others on a break from work. As there was no wifi, after classes we all sat around and talked, for all of us that are used to having wifi, when it is not available, it really does make you focus and be fully present. We shared some wonderful stories and our experiences.

Cambodia is a third world developing country which is grateful and makes the most of what it has. Volunteers from different parts of world are much appreciated and needed at this school. The children love meeting new people and their faces light up when they see tall, blond, blue eyed guys because Cambodians look very different.

Break time

Break time

It is really good valuable for money, the $60 that you pay covers the cost of everything and is relatively cheap compared to other organisations. Both the accommodation and food is good. The town is relatively close and tuk tuks can be arranged by Rady.


For those that are not used to rural, basic, village life, this is a eye opener. I loved it, it made me grateful for many things that we take for granted. However, for those who want a shower and not a cold bucket of water, their personal space and western food, this is not for you. Chickens and dogs wake up at the crack of dawn as do you.

In conclusion

I loved volunteering at this school and extended my stay for another three weeks. I loved my students and miss teaching them. I also made some great friends who were able to share some great insight about travelling. I don’t know when or where I will meet them again but I know I will.

Sharan and I and some of our students

Sharan and I and some of our students